Friday, June 8, 2012

new US poet laureate

natasha tretheway was just named as the new us poet laureate - congratulations! this is especially exciting seeing that she's from gulfport, mississippi, which is literally an hour from here. she's number 19 - and just so you can impress your friends with random trivia, here are the other 18, courtesy of wikipedia:

1986–1987: Robert Penn Warren 
1987–1988: Richard Wilbur 
1988–1990: Howard Nemerov 
1990–1991: Mark Strand 
1991–1992: Joseph Brodsky 
1992–1993: Mona Van Duyn 
1993–1995: Rita Dove 
1995–1997: Robert Hass 
1997–2000: Robert Pinsky 
2000–2001: Stanley Kunitz 
2001–2003: Billy Collins 
2003–2004: Louise Gl├╝ck 
2004–2006: Ted Kooser 
2006–2007: Donald Hall 
2007–2008: Charles Simic 
2008–2010: Kay Ryan 
2010–2011: W.S. Merwin 
2011–2012: Philip Levine

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