Sunday, November 20, 2011

i knew that i needed you (watching j.edgar)

for the first time in a while i watched a movie, at the movie theatre - i do enjoy this, but it tends to be so expensive (compared to reading books etc) that i hardly do it. also, there are rarely any "offerings" that seem worth the approximately 10 bucks or more a visit to the cinema usually costs.

t and i went to see "j. edgar" and i can only recommend it. not only was it worth the money, but leonardo di caprio has finally redeemed himself (imho) as an actor. where, in romeo and juliet, he was constantly either shirtless or wet (think wet-tshirt-contest for boys), he now keeps his clothes on and actually plays his character.

i remember reading that the real-life fbi were not too thrilled with clint eastwood's looking to get more information on hoover's sexual orientation and relationships, but the movie eastwood delivers here is tastefully done and, because it is a MOVIE, not a bio-pic or a documentary, i think it's fully acceptable in the ways it develops the characters.

finally, i have to admit that i was moved to tears - the asexual relationship between these two men is so delicately, respectfully and convincingly portrayed that i honestly don't care if it (or anything like it) ever really happened. this is good movie-making. go see it.

in my list it ranks high, right up there with "frost/nixon" and "good night and good luck" - and this is coming from someone who hated history in school. :)

if you still want to get your facts right... read about j. edgar hoover here: