Sunday, August 1, 2010

here's looking at TRUST (ISEA 2010, dortmund, germany)

went to the opening of the TRUST exhibit, which is part of the ISEA (international symposium of electronic arts) this year in dortmund.

it is an interesting sampling of current electronic art. installations (audio and/or visual),  some of them interactive. while of course this type of art is almost impossible to document with photographs, here are some pics (taken by me), just to give you an idea.

my favorite (sorry no picture) must be the musical instrument designed by mexican artist ariel guzik to interact with whales. it looks like it should be part of the TARDIS and the sounds it produces, of itself, are intriguing. the idea here might be to give the inhabitants of the ocean, for once, a harmonic, pleasant sign of our existence, - a nice change from being hunted down "for research purposes" and harpooned in the belly.

actually, there is a tie for my favorite - seiko mikami's installation "desire of codes" (also no photo - impossible) is mindblowing and playful at the same time. go see it if you can!

a working, hand-drawn antenna
joyce hinterding, australia

part of a grid of video projections
not sure whose work this is,
but it's disturbingly fun!

a large marble slab
konrad becker, austria

...and finally, for those who like really fast rollercoasters and strobe lights, or are just fascinated with light as a mind-altering agent, carsten nikolai's installation is... amazing and nothing for anyone with any risk of seizures.