Saturday, October 23, 2010

tidbits: fill your shelves, and: where's the true austen?!

what an interesting article:
was austen's style not really her own? what was her own writing like? how much freedom should an editor take in "preparing" a book for publication?
i don't know about you but i would love to look at austen's actual manuscripts to see how much or how little was changed, and what she sounds like "unedited". not a big fan of austen & co really, but this might change things...

also, if you haven't picked your fall and winter (poetry) reading material yet, quickly make your way to dancing girl press, because they are having a super sale! any five of their beautiful chapbooks for 20 bucks. could there be any easier way to get a hold of new poetry?! sale lasts until oct 31st.
here's the link:.

and another article i thought i would share:
"Hilda: A Jewel Distilled" an essay about Hilda Gorenstein, by artist Robin Barcus
art, painting, as a channel of communication and a way of living that stays, despite alzheimer's disease.
interesting stuff. and beautiful art.