Monday, January 31, 2011

elimae link & candy from strangers

just to let you know, the february / 15th anniversary issue of elimae is now online, and it contains two of my fragment poems: (taken from my forthcoming five parts of love chapbook)

not much other news - still waiting to hear from the schools i applied to, so keep those fingers crossed!

i am currently reading anne carson's if not, winter (again!) and lee ann roripaugh's beyond heart mountain. the other night when i came home i found two poetry books and some chocolate in my mail box, with no note or name to them - die schönsten gedichte von heinrich heine and liebesgedichte von frauen, so i guess i know what i'll be reading next. :D

i did figure out who the gifts were from, eventually. i wonder, however, which is worse: taking candy from strangers, or taking poetry from strangers? in any case, they were not from a stranger.

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 - duracell tomcat passes on

felix the cat
1993 - 2011

2011 - going well so far!

so i heard from dancing girl press this morning. they want to publish "the five parts of love: confabulating sappho"! this will be my first chapbook, so i am extra-excited about it. this should be available as of march 2012. of course i will keep you posted on that. :-)