Friday, April 22, 2011

D.O.O.M and dragonslayers!

i'm doing something different today - meet some of my friends!

the mollies - a fun, talented bunch from salt lake - recently released their new album, dragonslayer. fourteen tracks of vocal harmony, cello, violin, and a plethora of other devices, combined with the lyrical whimsy of becky jean's songwriting - it's well worth checking out. it's a bit calmer than the first album, yours around the rosies, but lovely, - the dreamy "don't kiss me" and the clever "one to ten" and "fancies are fiends" - the mollies are as charming as ever. 

what i like about the mollies is that they have fun with their music. you can hear it, and, if you catch them live, you can see it too (re: video, i rest my case).

what i also really really like is their lyrics. some lines, some turns of phrase, and the stories the songs tell - i like music, but i don't like brainless music. well, now and then a bit of brainless music is nice, but i do like to listen to stuff that tickles my braincells. that creates interesting pictures in my head. that uses interesting words in interesting orders. the mollies songs do that. :)

here's an example from: i'm sorry but this is a love song (also on the new album)
Toasted muse, I’m happy without you.
He’s packing up all my crazy.
He licks a stamp, sticks it on my face;
and I’ve a glad taste in my mouth for days.
you can listen to more of their songs on their myspace page and, if you like what you hear, buy their music via cdbaby (cd or mp3) or iTunes (mp3). they also recorded a very fun music video for "float my boat" (from yours around the rosies):

now, if you're still not curious about them, then i can't help it. :)