Saturday, April 26, 2014

Looking for Me? I've Migrated.

Not seeing what you were looking for? reading blog and more about me and my poetry are all over here: Come one, come all!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let me show you Hattiesburg, MS.

... I've been meaning to show off some of the pictures I've taken here in Mississippi, and today I made this little slide show of Hattiesburg:

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Just a quick reminder that my reading / book blog has moved to -- Drop by and have a look! The paint has dried, that smell of wallpaper paste has gone, and everything is shiny and new. You'll find lots of new posts about Elizabeth Bishop, Marianne Moore, Rainer Maria Rilke, and a bunch of other cool folks.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Strangeness of Athens, GA

...this past weekend, E, L and myself made our way to Athens, GA for the "Strangeness in Context" conference. It was a fun trip, and I really enjoyed the presentations.

Athens is a lovely place, with fun affordable eating places (The Grit, for example) and great mint mocha (Jittery Joe's).

Yes, "America's Best Inn" turned out to be pretty much the opposite, and it was an 8 hour drive each way, and it did rain while we were there, but I still really enjoyed the trip and spending time around other strange / creative people like myself. :) I did miss one talk that I wanted to hear, about Virginia Woolf's Orlando, because it was at the same time as my own presentation, but what I did hear was interesting and thought-provoking.

As for other news, keep an eye out for poems of mine in the inaugural issues of Lumn and China Grove. I'll post links once the issues are live. The next issue of The Nassau Review will also include one of my poems.
USM's Center for Writers has generously given me the Ben Mounger Rawls award, and I am both very happy and honoured.
Oh, and I just proofread the poems for the upcoming issue of Memorious -- there will be some great stuff in this issue!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

magnolias with their eyes wide open

take a look this new york times photo gallery / article about mississippi -

this, too, is america. i wish more people were aware of the situation here - minds need to be blown. and changes need to be made.

if you want to know even more about what folks here are struggling with, try to get your hands on a documentary titled "lalee's kin" - about a school in mississippi.

Friday, June 8, 2012

new US poet laureate

natasha tretheway was just named as the new us poet laureate - congratulations! this is especially exciting seeing that she's from gulfport, mississippi, which is literally an hour from here. she's number 19 - and just so you can impress your friends with random trivia, here are the other 18, courtesy of wikipedia:

1986–1987: Robert Penn Warren 
1987–1988: Richard Wilbur 
1988–1990: Howard Nemerov 
1990–1991: Mark Strand 
1991–1992: Joseph Brodsky 
1992–1993: Mona Van Duyn 
1993–1995: Rita Dove 
1995–1997: Robert Hass 
1997–2000: Robert Pinsky 
2000–2001: Stanley Kunitz 
2001–2003: Billy Collins 
2003–2004: Louise Gl├╝ck 
2004–2006: Ted Kooser 
2006–2007: Donald Hall 
2007–2008: Charles Simic 
2008–2010: Kay Ryan 
2010–2011: W.S. Merwin 
2011–2012: Philip Levine

Friday, May 11, 2012

new poems

so it looks like i survived the usual end-of-semester madness fairly well. :) all my grading is done, all assignments and papers are handed in, and summer is upon me.

there are two new poems of mine you can now read online:

(click to go to product homepage)

product is a journal put out by the center for writers at usm, and while i was one of the poetry editors for this issue, let me assure you that all entries were democratically selected by independent readers. :D

working on product was fun, especially reading all the submissions from usm's students, graduate and undergrad. i hope you enjoy what we selected!